"For The Love of the Animals"

Our mission statement is:
“For the Love of the Animals.”

Operation Pet Rescue’s  guiding principal determines every decision we make.

Sometimes the best way to help an animal is to help their human.  We’ve seen so many times, people being judged because they have to  surrender their pet. Granted, some of them are as careless as they seem, however the folks we work with want to keep their pets but don’t know  that they have choices.  We offer help with training, help with vet bills, food, temporary foster and more.

Then there are those who really DO need to surrender their pet because it is in the pet’s best interest.  We take those pets in and find them suitable homes.  We work tirelessly “for the Love of the Animals.”

We are a 501(c)(3) foster based non profit organization.

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We are in need for fosters and YOU can help!

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