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Louise Marie Hebert

Rescue Dog Trainers

“I am a rescue dog lover first and a rescue dog trainer second. I believe that once a dog finds a forever home, she deserves to stay home forever. I know from first hand experience the difference dog training makes in a long lasting, balanced relationship between a dog and her owner. Without professional training, it can sometimes be a frustrating relationship, especially when you do not know the history of your rescued dog. But with an investment in positive reinforcement training, patience and time, a wonderful transformation will happen. I have been training, fostering and adopting rescued dogs for many years.There in nothing more rewarding for me than to see a happy dog with a happy owner. My mission is to help you and your rescued dog enjoy many happy years together.”

Visit her website: https://rescuedogtrainers.com/

Smargasy inc

“We are the local growth experts. We help businesses to succeed with a variety of Digital Marketing Solutions, expertise in software, Cyber Security and Business Phone Solutions as well as Unified Communication Solutions.”

Visit their website: https://www.smargasy.com   


Up to 40% of women won’t leave their abuser because they would have to leave their pet behind. OPR is taking in these pets so the victims can get help.  Then, when they are back on their feet, their pet is returned to them.  According to HSUS, “When animal cruelty co-occurs with spousal or child abuse, the abuse may use violence against animals as a means of further terrorizing his or her human victims. Women who are abused often stay in destructive situations due to threats against or concern for their companion animals.

Visit their website:  http://www.actabuse.com/

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